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The Time of Distance - 10 days of simultaneous precisely synchronized events taking place in both Helsinki and Berlin. These events, which comprise of a visual art exhibition, one-off dance and performance pieces, short film screenings and related gallery talks are scheduled to run like clock-work.

The participating artists exhibit work in both cities concurrently or will make work as a development on the curatorial theme. Examples of the type of work we are hosting are: performances which are live-streamed to the other city, double installations, radio broadcasts, photo’s which only make sense when they are coupled together…

Program Schedule: 18th April 08: Exhibition opening with performances by Arne De Boever and Julia Prezewowsky Berlin(GMT+1) 18:00 FIELD Live / Web-stream Helsinki (GMT+2) 19:00 Maa-tila Live / Web stream Jaakko Eino Kalevi Berlin (GMT+1) 20:00 FIELD Live Helsinki (GMT+2) 21:00 Myymälä2 Web-stream

19th April 08: Exhibition opening with karaoke performance with Patrick Jambon, performance by Linda Franke Berlin (GMT+1) 19:00 Hope&Glory Web-stream Helsinki (GMT+2) 20:00 Myymälä2 / Maa-tila Live

19th- 27th April 08: Mulholland Dr. - Marathon / live performance by Sanni Priha Berlin (GMT+1) ongoing, Hope&Glory Live Helsinki (GMT+2) ongoing, Maa-tila Web-stream

20th April 08: Gallery discussion with Arne De Boever and James Thompson & Guest Berlin (GMT+1) 14:00 FIELD Live Helsinki (GMT+2) 15:00 Maa-tila Web-stream

23rd April 08: Synchronized Gallery Discourse, Residency artist: Mari Keski-Korsu Berlin (GMT+1) 19:00 FIELD Live Helsinki (GMT+2) 20:00 Maa-tila Web-stream Supported by the Arts Council of Finland

25th April 08: Transidency & Future Shorts - Short film evening with Q&A Berlin (GMT+1) ACUD 19:00 Helsinki (GMT+2) Kino Andorra 20:00 Tickets 5 E

26th April 08: Discourse Lab @ FIELD with Christine Nippe, Morton Dysgaard & Guest Speaker (to be announced) Berlin (GMT+1) 19:00 FIELD Live / Web-stream Helsinki (GMT+2) 20:00 Maa-tila Live / Web-stream

27th April 08: Exhibition Finnisage * Berlin (GMT+1) 17:00 Hope&Glory Helsinki (GMT+2) 18:00 Maa-tila *FIELD project space exhibition runs till 10th May

This exhibition is initiated and curated by Kym Ward & Elina Vainio and co-curated by FIELD project space & Transidency

/////ARTISTS Morten Dysgaard, Linda Franke, Christiane Frey, Ailsa Ferrier, Laura Horelli&Anu Pennanen, Patrick Jambon, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Mari Keski-Korsu, Robert Mathy, Tea Mäkipää, Julia Prezewowsky, Sonya Schönberger, Sanni Priha, Henna&Elina Vainio

/////TICKETS All the events are free unless otherwise stated

/////VENUES Berlin: FIELD, Augustr. 65, 10117 Hope&Glory, Emserstr. 126, 12051 ACUD Kunstverein, Veteranenstr. 21, 10119

Helsinki Maa-Tila, Albertinkatu 19, 00100 Myymälä2, Uudenmaankatu 23, 00100 Andorra Kino, Eerikinkatu 11, 00100

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