Iceland the most peaceful country

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A new index created by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies has ranked 140 countries around the world in terms of their peacefulness in the hopes of promoting a more scientific approach to achieving global peace. Scandinavian countries did well in the rankings, with Iceland scoring first place.
“Peace building is tough,” said Rick Barton […]

A new approach to flying has found a way to make aircraft landings cleaner and quieter. According to reports by Wired, airports in Scandinavia are leading the way in the development of this new process.
The most carbon emissions, as well as the most noise, produced by commercial aircraft occurs when the plane is landing. That […]

Finland’s defence minister, Jyri Hakamies and Sweden’s defence minister, Sten Tolgfors published a column which was printed in a Finnish and Swedish newspaper in which they discussed the need for both countries to cooperate more strongly in the area of defence and security. The column was published by Helsingin Sanomat in Finland and Dagens Nyheter […]

With Iceland being located on the junction of the Eurasian and North American Tectonic plates, large parts of the country are volcanically active. Some of the volcanoes even erupt with somewhat regular intervals. Consequently the Icelandic Meteorological Office keeps a close watch on all seismoligical activity in Iceland. The image from their website shows the current and last 48 hours’ level […]

Scandinavians top coffee consumers

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Scandinavians are some of the biggest coffee drinkers in the world and are likely to remain that way according to a report by Reuters. The biggest coffee roaster in Norway explained that the nation’s younger generation are climbing on board the coffee wagon.
The Friele coffee company has been operating in Norway for 210 years. Owner […]

International crime comes to Iceland

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According to reports in Iceland Review, international crime has started coming to Iceland. Not only are criminals being sent to Iceland in order to break the law, but large scale organisations are setting up branches in the Nordic nation.
Sigridur Bjork Gudjonsdottir, assistant national commissioner of the Icelandic police told Icelandic newspaper Frettabladid that international crime […]

A hotel renovation project in Oslo was raided by both police and state labour authorities on Wednesday according to reports in Aftenposten. The hotel, when finished, will be operated by Choice Hotels Scandinavia. The firm is owned by Petter Stordalen, a well known activist, but police raided it on the suspicion that workers on site […]

No reports of fatalities in Iceland

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As a second large earthquake hits Iceland there are no reports of fatalities. Two large quakes and hundreds of small aftershocks have shaken southern Iceland and even been felt all the way in the town of Isafjordur in the north western part of Iceland.
Though there have been reports of some minor injuries there have been […]

Second earthquake follows In Iceland

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Second but smaller quake followed the bigger earthquake and among other things interrupted a news interview where viewers can see how shaken people are and that when the smaller quake strikes it disturbs both the reporter and the woman being interviewed.
According to latest news the damage is much more than in the year 2000, this is […]

Massive 6.1 earthquake hits Iceland

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At 15.45 local time, an earthquake struck southwestern Iceland. The quake was 6.1 on the Richter scale and had its epicentre near the town of Selfoss.
The earthquake was felt strongly in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik and even as far away as Isafjordur in the far northwest of Iceland.
Police in Selfoss closed a local bridge as a […]

Iceland Express, the budget airline based in Iceland, last week launched its new service connecting Iceland and Poland for the first time.
The airline will offer its cheap flights between Reykjavik and Warsaw once a week for the remainder of May, but will double its service for the summer season.
Polish nationals are the largest group of […]

Last weekend, an oil platform located in the North Sea suffered an oil leak. Environmental researchers say that the leak has had no discernable impact on the local wildlife including seabirds and fish. Nevertheless, according to reports in Aftenposten, the leak has ignited protests against the platform operator StatoilHydro.
The Statfjord A installation had to evacuate […]

Viggo Mortensen opens exhibit in Reykjavik

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Viggo Mortensen is more than just a pretty face among the cast of ‘Lord of the Rings.’ In addition to having made a name for himself as the legendary Aragorn, he is also a photographer, singer, artist, poet and speaker of no less than four languages. His most recent series of photographs are part of […]

Offshore savings specialists Bradford & Bingley International have relaunched their corporate website and savings accounts range as part of a major rebranding exercise.
Following extensive consumer research, a new range of offshore savings accounts has been developed that offers customers a variety of short, long or fixed term savings accounts with different options for receiving interest.
The […]

Sweden orders high speed trains

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Sweden’s state-owned railway recently put in a USD 348 million order for high speed trains with the world’s largest train maker, Bombardier Inc.
The contract for the delivery of 20 four-carriage Regina high speed trains also includes an option for Sweden to purchase an additional 20 trains. According to a Marketwire press statement released by the […]

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