Call for Entries: New Talent Annual 2009

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Call for Entries: New Talent Annual 2009: The world’s most respected international student competition and showcase. Entry deadline: May 26, 2008.

Students, Instructors, & Administrators:
Submit your students’ latest Design, Advertising & Photography work to Graphis New Talent. Get the recognition you deserve, and share your work with peers and hiring industry professionals. Every student included earns […]

links for 2008-04-21

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Items in this city store so Swede | | The News-Press
Talking Shop with Richard Warren, owner of A Swedish Affair in Fort Myers. Richard and his wife Yvonne opened A Swedish Affair 23 years […]

Bolda by Morten Iveland

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Morten Iveland has added a photo to the pool:

Bolda by Morten Iveland

A custom font i’m working on.

Electrolux & Kelly Ripa

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Known and admired for her multi-tasking talents as well as her signature style, Electrolux announced today that it is tapping Kelly Ripa for the U.S. launch of its new premium appliance line – a stylishly sleek new collection that’s poised to transform America’s kitchens with a fresh jolt of European style and performance, helping today’s […]

The Time of Distance

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The Time of Distance - 10 days of simultaneous precisely synchronized events taking place in both Helsinki and Berlin. These events, which comprise of a visual art exhibition, one-off dance and performance pieces, short film screenings and related gallery talks are scheduled to run like clock-work.

The participating artists exhibit work in both cities concurrently or […]

If you’re in London, Berlin, Madrid, Brussels or Milan, keep an eye out for
giant AEG-Electrolux posters which are measuring and displaying ambient
noise levels.
The giant posters created by blowUp media are driving a unique campaign
to promote a “silent” washing machine from AEG-Electrolux, a leading
European white goods brand. Decibel meters are being installed in and
around a number […]


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Talking, Working or Brandy: Lammhults Club Brings People Together. Design: Johannes Foersom/Peter Hiort Lorenzon

Club, the new chair from Lammhults designers Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen, is a comfortable alternative to stiff, formal meeting chairs. Designed to be grouped together wherever people meet for conversation, Club provides a relaxed setting for organized or informal exchanges […]

A six feet dorsal fin breakes the surface.

A moment later several other dorsal fins appears. A herd of big, black and white killer whales are heading for the inflatable boat, which at this moment will feel very small.
- This is when your guide gives the order to jump in the water.
Tysfjord Tourist Centre arranges […]

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