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Destinations in Scandinavia and the rest of the nordic countries. Flight information, cheap flights and travel guides. Nordic Travel Guides strives to give you objective and useful travel information, photos and reviews, about destinations in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries well worth a visit. Our goal is to have the best destination guides and travel guides for northern europe (=the nordic countries).We hope you’ll find travel guides and other travel information that is useful for you on your trip or vacation to Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden or Denmark) or some of the other Nordic countries.


We focus on destinations in the Nordic Countries:

Norway Travel Guide, Norway
Sweden Travel Guide, Sweden
Denmark Travel Guide, Denmark
Finland Travel Guide, Finland
Iceland Travel Guide, Iceland

We also cover other territories like:

Åland Travel Guide, Åland
Svalbard Travel Guide, Svalbard
Faroe Islands Travel Guide, Faroe Islands

You’ll find our destinations listed by country, and the articles will provide you with all travel information you need to know to start exploring the sites that are out there waiting for you.


Travel guides, city guides, country factsheets, flight information, hotel and other form of accommodation, events and attractions - all with focus on Scandinavia and the other Nordic countries; you’ll find it all right here.

We also have a lot of other travel services here on Nordic Travel Guides, like for instance travel blog, Scandinavian travel news, travel links and travel forum.

So, once again - Are you travelling to the Nordic countries / Scandinavia you have come to the right place. We will guide you to the best attractions, events, highlights in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Iceland.

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